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Water Treatment Repair & Installation

Not every water source is exactly the same, and not all water is free of contaminants, sediment, odors or off putting colors. Advances in water treatment and filtration have been exponential, and One Call Plumbing is on the cutting edge of this essential technology. Water filtration systems keep your water free from harmful chemicals. Large amounts of fluoride and chlorine can cause serious health effects. And they dilute the taste of your water and beverages. Give us a call at One Call Plumbing if you need an estimate on a new water treatment or water filtration system.

Our Water Treatment System Services

Our goal is to align your water system with your water needs, and to always err on the side of caution when it comes to the safety and potability of your water. Wherever there is concern, or even curiosity, if your water has an off taste, or leaves a film or stain in your sinks and basins, we recommend your water be professionally tested and analyzed to insure you’re getting the purest water possible.

Here are some of the water treatment services we offer to all residents of the Treasure Coast & South Florida:

Treasure coast Water treatment Specialist

Pure water is a necessity to you and your family. One Call Plumbing provides repair services and installs the highest quality water treatment systems to remove harmful chemicals and impurities. We install and maintain home water filtration systems from many top manufacturers. These state-of-the-art home water filtration systems will provide you with the cleanest and clearest water possible.

Call One Call Plumbing now to schedule a service or to request an estimate for your water treatment system.

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I called One Call Plumbing and they had someone out to repair my water heater the same day. Thank you for prompt service!

- Jimmy D. in Boca Raton, FL

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