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Expert Pipe Repair & Pipe Installation In Stuart, FL

Several factors determine how fast your pipes will corrode and become compromised or even unsafe. Pipes used in homes are usually made of plastic, concrete, or some kind of metal. Plastic and concrete tend more resistant to corrosion and wear than metal pipes are. This is because metal pipes are susceptible to electromechanical electron exchange. If your pipes are made of an alloy of multiple metals, they’re even more at risk.

If you are having issues with leaking water pipes, poor water quality, or low water pressure in Palm Beach, Martin County or the Treasure Coast, then you can rely on the expertise of One Call Plumbing. Already trusted in by thousands of homes across South Florida, we can help diagnose and repair all your problems, all with a commitment to providing the best in customer service.

Knowing When Your Pipes Are Corroded

First and most importantly, if you found out your pipes were metallic, give us a call and we’ll do a full inspection and tell you whether or not your system could be at risk. If you found out your pipes are lead, you should definitely get them replaced. You should also consider replacing any plastic piping, as it’s fragile compared to other kinds of plumbing, especially if it’s old. Even if your pipes aren’t old metal, there’s no guarantee they haven’t been compromised. Check the color of your water. If you notice that the water you use is consistently brownish or discolored as it comes out of the faucet. That’s rust, corrosion, or mineral deposits in your pipes leaching into water, and is a sign that your pipes should be cleaned or replaced. Also, if you experience frequent clogs or low water pressue, these can be signs of pipes needing repair.

Re-Piping Service In Palm Beach & Martin County

Deteriorating pipes can cause brown or rust-colored water which can be unhealthy to drink and also leave unsightly stains in your drains or bath. The best solution is to replace older piping with new copper pipes or another quality material. One Call Plumbing provides re-pipe service to the Treasure Coast. Our team takes care of everything from precise drywall cuts, to pipe replacement to drywall repair. An onsite project manager coordinates all work, eliminating costly delays and supervision time by the property manager or homeowner.

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A clog or leaky pipe can seem harmless at first, but don't be complacent. This could be a symptom of a greater problem, so contacting a professional plumber could save you from a headache down the line. Our friendly staff and skilled technicians are prepared to help you with all of your pipe installation, pipe repair and re-pipe needs. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any problem, big or small.

One Call Plumbing provides pipe installation and repairs services for commercial and residential properties in South Florida.

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I called One Call Plumbing and they had someone out to repair my water heater the same day. Thank you for prompt service!

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